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My Cherokee Kinfolks Page: 12

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The CHEROKEE SYLLABARY of Sequoyah made it possible for the Cherokee to communicate. It is based on sounds, rather than letters like we use. Easily memorized in just a few days, families removed West could write in their own tounge to folks back in the East, and vice versa. The New Testament and parts of the Old Testament were translated and printed in the Cherokee language. SEQUOYAH, its inventor was born and raised in what is now Monroe County, Tennessee, where I was also born and raised. Sequoyah's English name was George Guess. His father was a German trader, Nathaniel Gist. Sequoyah went West prior to the Great Removal. He went through Indian Territory to Texas. I've read that he was on a journey to establish a Cherokee colony in Mexico when he died and is probably buried somewhere in the Rio Grand Valley.

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