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My Cherokee Kinfolks Page: 7

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REV. STEPHEN FOREMAN was a half-brother to Katy Bigby. His mother, Elizabeth Gurdaygle, was a neice of Katy's mother, Susie Bark. Stephen was one of the most notables and highly respected men of the Cherokee Indians. He attended Candy's Creek Mission, went from there to Brainerd, from there to Virginia College and finally got a degree in theology at Princeton. He was adept in both languages and served often as an interpreter. He was an assistant editor of The Cherokee Pheonix at New Echota, and after the Removal, he reassumed this position in the West. He had the honor of being the first superintendant of education west of the Mississippi River and held many other positions of honor and trust including being seated on the Cherokee Nation Supreme Court. His biggest accomplishment, in my opinion, was helping Rev. Sam Worchester translate the New Testament into the Cherokee language. The testaments distributed today by the ABS are that translation.