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JAMES (Jim) BIGBY lived on Candy's Creek in what later became Bradley County, Tennessee. His wife was Catherine Foreman. His mother was Elizabeth Hicks. She was a daughter of Nathan Hicks and she was a sister to Chief Charles R. Hicks. Jim and his family were herded West on the Trail of Tears. His children are as follows: Mary Anna m. David Taylor; Jennie m. Andrew Taylor, bro. of David; Thomas Wilson Bigby m. Margaret Catherine Adair; James, Jr. m. Louisa Levi; Elizabeth Bigby m. Moses Fields; Wiley m1. Mary McLaughlin, m2. Elnora Nicholson; Sallie m. Leonard Bonaparte Williams; Jackson; Susie m. Felix Riley; Malinda m1. William Guilliams, m2. Jesse Redman.
Jim Bigby was my great(4X) grandfather.

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