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35 Years in Bluegrass Gospel(20 Songs):
God Gave Noah the Rainbow Sign - Working On A Building - Wayfaring Pilgrim - Will the Circle Be Unbroken - God's Wonderful Book Divine - My Lord Keeps A Record - He Will Set Your Fields On Fire - Come Along Children - Light At the River - Heaven On My Mind - My Warfare Will Soon Be Over - If You Don't Love Your Neighbor - Hold To God's Unchanging Hand - I'm Working On A Road - Somebody Touched Me - The Old Country Church - Just A Little Talk With Jesus - The Great Beyond - The Saviour's Love - A Beautiful Life

The Good Things Outweigh The Bad (10 Songs):
Will You Be Lonesome Too? - Pondering - Goodbye Joe - Alone In This World - To The Chief Musician - Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me - Lonesome Was That Day - I'll Stay Around - The Good Things Outweigh The Bad - Snowbird Mountain

Bill & Wilma w/ Legendary friends in Nashville...Benny Martin, John Hartford, Josh Graves, Tom Ewing, Roy Huskey, Jr., Rick Campbell & more...(16 Songs):
Back to the Good Ole Days - Head Over Heels in Love With You - The Days of My Youth - Little Cabin Home on the Hill - Working on a Road - Dim Lights, Thick Smoke - The Boys from North Carolina - Snowbird Mountain Home - How Will I Explain About You? - My Little Girl in Tennessee - Jennifer Waltz - Cabin in Caroline - Why Did You Wander? A Beautiful Life - We'll Meet Again Sweetheart


w/ Bill & Wilma and the Snowbird Mountain Band

Wakefield Road/Mr. Man in the Moon/Those Memories of You/Gold Watch & Chain/Ancient Ole Tellico/Roses in the Snow/Ice Cold Love/High on a Mountain/Crossroads of Time/Your Haunting Eyes/Pain of Loving You/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

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